Add a landlord

You can add a landlord in order to keep records of all parties that are involved and can be invoiced or contacted where appropriate. This could mean that you could have a lettings agent, that owns a number of properties managed by individual landlords. 

The instructions below are for when you create a new work address, however this can be completed on an existing work address too. To do this, open the work address, click Edit, then Add the landlord in the top section and re-save.

Watch a quick video showing you how to add a landlord

Or read how to add a landlord 

  1. Search for the customer with the work address you'd like to add a landlord to 


  2. Click on the customer name to open their account. Navigate using the tabs across the top. Click Work Address 


  3. You will see a page with a list of work addresses linked to that customer. Click Add new Work address


  4. You will now see a page to enter the details of your work address


  5. At the top of the page can now click Add new landlord this will open up a side panel on your right. You can fill this in as appropriate and click save. This landlord has now been saved and will be available in a drop down, to add against another work address if required.



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