Add a customer/work address note

You can add a customer/work address note to inform staff of a parking situation on site, how to access the property, information of how to deal with the customer for example.

Notes can also be used to mark the customer as do not work with. You may have had a bad experience with this customer, or they do not pay their invoices on time and therefore you do not want to work for them again. Please scroll to the bottom of this article to learn how to mark a customer/work address as do not work with

Watch a quick video showing you how to add a customer/work address note

Or read how to add a customer/work address note

  1. Search for the customer/work address you would like to add a note to

  2. Click on the customer/work address name to open their account. Navigate using the tabs across the top. Click Notes

  3. You will see a page with different methods of communication. Click Add new note on the right of the Notes section

  4. You will see a page with text boxes and tick boxes. Fill in the information and click Save

    Ticking yes to appear on mobile means that when an engineer views this customer/work address on the mobile application they will be able to see this note. This is useful if the note is explaining how to enter the property, or an access code for example


Watch a quick video showing you how to set a customer/work address to do not work with again

If you click Important it will show another option to not work with again. If this box is ticked you will not be able to book any work for this customer or their work addresses

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