Add cash allocation

You can allocate payments to several invoices at once. This is useful if a customer is paying off a number of invoices with a single payment

Watch a quick video showing you how to add cash allocation

Or read how to add cash allocation

  1. Search for the customer you would like to add cash allocation to

  2. Click on the customer name to open their account. Click Quick links in the top right corner

  3. You will see a small section with more options. Click Cash allocation

  4. You will see a page where you can select which outstanding invoices the customer is paying. 

    In the top section select the relevant nominal code and payment method.

    Fill in the form as required. Outstanding invoices will already be in the form, you can delete these if the customer is not paying these outstanding invoices. Or you can select non-outstanding invoices using the arrow to select from a dropdown.

    Type an amount to allocate and click Add cash allocation when you are finished.

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