GPS Setup and Configuration

Installing SIM Card

* Make note of mobile number before inserting the SIM Card.

Self Install

  1. Gently open device using plastic pick or other tool.


  2. Insert SIM card


  3. Close device


    GPS Setup and Configuration

    1. Make note of the mobile number of the SIM Card going into the device, also the IMEI number (found on the actual device)

    2. Install the devices:

      - Self install devices simply plug into the OBDII port in the vehicle. You may need to purchase an extension cable to prevent protrusion

      - Wired devices will need to be professionally installed in order to hard wire them to the vehicle.

    3. Send a text message from your mobile to the mobile number of the device. It should follow this structure: 

      <space><space>setparam 3003:___; 3004:_____;

      Important information
      2 spaces are at the start of the text message.
      3003:____ is the username
      3004:_____ is the password
      The username and password are custom, but are limited to 5 characters, numbers and letters. It is a good idea to put a standard structure in place when choosing the username and password. An example username could be 001, 002, 003 etc. and passwords could be something related to the engineer.

      An example text message is below:


    4. You will receive a reply from the device confirming configuration which will read “New value 3003:123;3004:;” or similar. The password you set will not be displayed in the reply.

    5. Once this is received, go to - Company settings - Users and click View next to the user you are assigning the vehicle tracker to.

    6. Click Quick links and select Configure GPS device


    7. Complete the configuration by filling in the boxes on the Configure GPS device screen

      - GPS device model = select your model
      - IMEI = this is the IMEI number of the device you noted down earlier
      - Mobile number of tracker = this is the mobile number of the SIM Card you noted down earlier
      - GPS Device username = the username you created earlier in the text message you sent to the device
      - GPS Device Password = the password you created earlier in the text message you sent to the device
      - Network = the network of the SIM Card in the device. Once selected this will populate the boxes automatically.

    8. Click Save
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